Company Introduction

SHANCHENGLAMEIZI has a 25-year history of providing authentic Chongqing flavor. Our company was established in Beijing and has been mainly focusing on Chongqing hot pot. There are more than 20 stores locating in Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles and so on, and almost a thousand staff. We try to create the ultimate hot pot experience for our customers in the most traditional way. Apart from the flavors of numbing, spicy, refreshing and delicious, we also provide our customers more than 20 kinds of free special snacks. Our hot pot is highly praised by both domestic and foreign consumers. We are committed to inheriting Chongqing hotpot culture and spreading this profound culture to the rest of the world.
Traditional Process

SHANCHENGLAMEIZI inherits the traditional hot pot production process in Chongqing and insists on fresh-boiling the soup base in store. More than 30 kinds of ingredients are adopted. The hot soup is special for its numbing, spicy, refreshing and delicious flavor. The soup tastes mellow and spicy, but not spicy to make your tongue feel scorched. The soup is rich in flavors, but not oily, making its good smell lasting. Not only does it guarantee the authentic flavor, but also it pays attention to balanced nutrition. The calories of the soup base are also suitable for our health. With the shape of tai chi and the colors of red and white, the mixed soup hot pot shows its artistic charm. Whether it is the spicy and red spicy soup base, or the memorable and refreshing light soup base, both of them are as “nourishing” as the evening rains in Chongqing.

The first store of SHANCHENGLAMEIZI was established in 1993 with only 9 tables in it. However, our good reputation accumulated in consumers has led to the continuous development. In the following two decades, our company is always managed under the rule of integrity and has developed steadily. Now, we have become a large-scale dining service chain with more than 20 direct-sale stores. In order to meet the need of the rapid development of our group, and to ensure the quality of our food and the standardization of the flavors at the same time, the company established a Processing & Distribution Center in 2008, realizing unified procurement, unified processing and unified distribution. In 2016, the company entered the markets of Shanghai and the United States and has become the leaders of both local hot pot industries.
With the fierce competition in the dining market, SHANCHENGLAMEIZI will still stay true to our mission and move forward bravely, committed to creating a worldwide large dining group.

Selected Ingredients
Sichuan pepper
Sichuan pepper
hot pepper
hot pepper
Inner Mongolian lamb
Inner Mongolian lamb
Quality Service
Honor & Qualification

With our business management focusing on "integrity", SHANCHENGLAMEIZI has become one of the most reliable brands in China. We have won multiple honors and awards, such as “Famous Hot Pot of China”, “Member of China Cuisine Association”, “Famous Restaurant of China”, “Quality Integrity Restaurant”, “China Dinning Industry Integrity Management Example Enterprise”, “National Green Dinning Enterprise” and so on.

Staff Profile
Tel: 010-65768938
Address: No. 2 Jia, Hujialou North Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing